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Art is like a medium between relation of senses and processes of nature. In this case, I mostly use painting that connects experience by human and nature (referring to plants, weather, geological processes, physics, energy). By using not only vision but other senses, I research painting possibilities to transfer information. While transforming information, I explore what is under painting as medium, story, influence, one of the realities. I imagine that creation is like an island to which I travel while painting. It does not have coordinates and could manifest into different forms, sometimes like unconscious ocean. An island becomes virtual swamp that is full of imagination and other creatures. That is why each travel to an island is completely new experience. By painting I seek to show information of used material. By the help of minerals, pigments and plants I try to communicate with the participant or viewer. Every energy could be felt not only by eyes but with other senses as well – one by one, one after another, in various combinations or all together. Objects that could be touched, smelled, heard create complex artistic experience. This reminds that work could not only be physical object but also intangible phenomenon – state of feeling, a sense of space.

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